The Visible Spectrum

double disk psychedelic epic.

double disk psychedelic epic.

In march of 2013 I released my first solo effort, it was released as a double disk known as SOUNDS AROUND: The Visible Spectrum. clocking in at one hour and forty five minutes in length, it was quite the ambitious assignment, however It flowered very easily from my mind. The record was made over the course of 2012, done almost entirely by myself and my master mind associate Peter Dasilva, you will know him from Deep Space Cowboys, and of course The Auras. I would take the bus early in the morn, and go down to Pete’s house, I would ring the bell, his parents would answer. I would then proceed into his room and wake him up, he would go get some coffee and I would begin pacing around the studio. Me and Pete work very well together, we accept each other’s ways. I pace around the room like a lunatic and dictate what I want, he crafts the sound and offers his unique perspectives, and when he has a crazy idea he wants to implement, I pretty much always say yes. We did one track every week for seventeen consecutive weeks. I then took a month to journey through Guatemala, December 2012. It was during this time that Pete mastered the record. It is hard to believe still how easily all this music came out of us, not a single track was left behind. This record was inspired by my partner Krysteen Perkins, she had recently become a Kundalini Dance facilitator, a form of ecstatic dance which travels through the chakra system of the human body, The Visible Spectrum was created to go alongside this ceremonial journey. It has proved quite powerful for the people who have danced through the record.

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