Peace, Love and Affirmative Action


painting by Ricky Schaede (

painting by Ricky Schaede (

We had been recording for almost 10 hours, my hands were in pain, I could no longer talk properly let alone sing. We had given it our all. This record is far from perfect, but I gave everything I had to every song, and if Satan himself had entered the studio and tried to stop us, I would have beaten him to death, or perhaps strangled him with a patch cord. This record could have only been made by the alliance of myself and two of my best buds, Hank Van Harten and Ryan Masters, a small and noble band, which somehow play great together without practicing.

The acoustic tracks on PLAA were recorded by Hank in Crazy Vaze studios. I then took them to the Deep Space Cowboy junkie known as Peter Dasilva, the genius who helped me make The Visible Spectrum and the man who did most of the work on The Auras EP and EP2, to add the psychedelia and shoegaze elements.

I’d like to give a special mention to the track ‘Those who sit in Darkness’. This piece, a 12 minute improvisation, had never been played in any part until the tape was rolling. I gave barely any instruction as to what I wanted to happen, I think I said “You know what to do.” To Ryan, and nothing to Hank, and what I got was of greater artistic weight to me, than anything I could have imagined it to be. The intensity of that recording session haunts my memory, for at the time it was simply hard work. looking back, the air was thick with urgency. all three of us played with reckless abandon, we were certainly all battling something together, and what we created is, to me, truly honest and beautiful.


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